Trade and Investment

The Republic of Iraq had been the one of the top Tea Market for Sri Lanka before year 2003. At present also Sri Lankan tea consuming all over the area of the Country under the various brands.

Unfortunately many of Sri Lankan tea brands misuse by third parties. Also it has noted that presently Sri Lanka tea has been entering to Iraq via neighbour Countries indeed.

Because of the demand for quality tea, need to promote Sri Lankan Tea for Iraqi market is necessary even on-going tight security situations in the Country.

The Embassy has been making promotional activities with relevant parties on Iraq trade inquiry for import of Sri Lankan tea for Iraqis from Sri Lankan tea promotional intuitions or individual and also can communicate with the following Embassy Officials for any assistance.

Mr. H.M.B. Herath, Attaché Admin 07704715367

Mr. M.Y.M. Rizab, Attaché Consular 07704847458

Trade Inquiry is possible on Embassy Official email :

In addition to Black Tea there are high demands for the following Sri Lankan products in the Iraqi Markets.

  1. Gem and Jewellery.

  2. Leather Products.

  3. Porcelain,Ceramics.

  4. Spices.

  5. Coconut and Coconut related products.

  6. Flowers, horticulture.

  7. Fresh Vegetable and Fruits (tropical)

  8. Ornamental Fish, Aquarium.

  9. Handlooms, Garments.

The following services also can promote in Iraq

  1. Labour Market.

  2. Construction.