" Contact Sri Lanka" web portal welcoming Sri Lankans living abroad to voluntarily register at www.contactsrilanka.mfa.gov.lk.

'Registering online in the web portal will allow the Ministry of Foreign Relations to reach out during emergencies such as the COVID - 19 outbreak. This portal will connect Overseas Sri Lankans with the Stakeholders in Sri Lanka'.

Sri Lanka Tea Board of Digital Media

Sri Lanla Tea Board has launched Digital Media campaign for the promotion of Ceylon Tea during the global lockdown using Social Media like Youtube, FB, Twitter, Instgram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn. etc.


Market update from Sri Lanka

EDB Sri Lanka is working with our network of diplomatic missions and embassies around the world to provide Sri Lankan businesses and brands up to date information on the fast-changing global markets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information please visit https://www.srilankabusiness.com/edb/market-alerts-covid.html

Ceylon Black Tea is rich in " Teaflavins " help increase the human immunity system against Coronavirus